Ryan Rasco

Art and Design Extended Degree (with Foundation Year) – BA Hons student Ryan Rasco discusses the processes and techniques he used in his initial degree project.

What materials are you using in your project?

In the first term I made prints using water-soluble oil paint spread over the table tops. Working in groups, we organised to buy colours to use in the project. After playing around with the first few sets I decided to keep my work minimal, using simple lines and shapes throughout the series. After the second set I noticed some colours worked better together than others, and I decided to only use two or three. I dragged my fingers through the paint to create the marks. Everything was very tactile.

What was the outcome?

Whilst the process itself was chaotic in the beginning, after a while I managed to control it and to understand how to generate a series of prints that I felt I was in control of. 

Image of male student Ryan Rasco