Antonella Petrocco

Antonella Petrocco, originally from Italy, graduated from our Mathematics BSc (Hons) and is now studying on our Data Analytics MSc course. She talks about creating an app, going from her undergraduate degree to Master's, and the hard work along the way.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what led you to London Met?

I was studying astrophysics at Queen Mary University, but after the first year I realised that I didn't enjoy studying all that physics. So I decided to change for a subject that I enjoyed much more — maths! — and I got in through Clearing.

What was your favourite project or work experience on the course, and why?

I enjoyed my work experience for my final year module, Work Related Learning. This is because I formed a group of four students, myself and three other classmates, to create a maths application to help GCSE Maths students. We produced a very nice website that can be used on mobile phones. It helps GCSE Maths students to find good videos online for their studies. It was very satisfying and rewarding.

How do you find the facilities at London Met?

I like the facilities at London Met very much. I often use the gym where I have all the equipment I need. I also used the app TooGoodToGo, which allows you to collect tasty food that's unsold at the end of the lunch break for a low price from our canteen. As well as that, I enjoy the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in the library.

Was there anything you found surprising about the University?

Even as a mature student, I've never felt too old to be in university like I had felt before. Everybody, staff and students, made me feel at ease.

How do you find your lecturers?

I've always felt very supported by my lecturers. The Mathematics BSc course leader, Nino Folic, was a teacher and friend for me, he supported me through all the three years of the course, listening to my problems, encouraging me and always being available when I needed his help via email or in his office.

Once you graduated, how did London Met help shape your next steps?

I started a Master's in Data Analytics at London Met, because I enjoyed the University so much that I didn't want to leave! I'm happy with my course and I hope to find a job in finance afterwards.

I hear you’re President of the Maths Society. Could you tell us a bit about the society and your experience in this position?

We started the Maths Society in 2017 after it had been dormant for years. From the second year till now I've been the President of the society and have enjoyed every moment of the experience. Together with the treasurer and the secretary we organise different events throughout the year, like maths quizzes (with prizes), film screenings, special talks from a member of the IMA (Institute of Mathematics), seasonal parties, physics demonstrations, etc. The goal for us restarting the Maths Society was to encourage students to not see mathematics as a boring and difficult subject, but to reveal the interesting and practical side to it. We had a good number of students joining our society and we were nominated as one of the best societies at the SU Awards night, so we're very satisfied with that!


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"I started a Master's in Data Analytics at London Met, because I enjoyed the University so much that I didn't want to leave! I'm happy with my course and I hope to find a job in finance afterwards."