Margaret Ampomah

International Relations - BA (Hons) student Margaret Ampomah discusses what led her to London Met and how she's found the experience so far as a mature student.

Can you tell us something about your background?

When I finished my A levels, I studied linguistics in Belgium. It was difficult to juggle studies with children. I came to the UK 10 years ago and started working. The job I had was not for me and I wanted to find an appropriate course where I could feel that I fit in.

What led you to choose London Met in particular?

I originally applied to do psychology, but due to childcare problems, had to withdraw from the course. I always knew I wanted to help people and was interested in politics and NGOs.

I went to lots of open days but not London Met! I found an international relations course here and so I called London Metropolitan University. They needed an English language qualification and so I took the test and passed.

I also had an offer from University College London (UCL) to study linguistics but the course included Erasmus (a student exchange programme) and I couldn’t do that because of having children.

How has London Met helped you?

I feel that London Met gives you many opportunities; to be a Student Ambassador, employability and careers opportunities and the Students’ Union. It’s really helped with my shyness too, because we have to do presentations and work together.

London Met gives you a platform to shine. The sky is the limit and it’s up to you how far you want to take that further.

Photo of Margaret Ampomah