Moses Matayi

Moses Matyayi from Namibia, discusses his experience of studying the MA Human Resource Management course at London Met, made possible by his Chevening/London Met scholarship.


What did receiving this scholarship mean to you?  

To have been awarded a Chevening scholarship is a distinct and deserving opportunity for me. The scholarship has allowed me to be admitted and enrolled at London Metropolitan University. It has opened a window of opportunity for me to explore academic life beyond the borders of my country. This will enable me to widen my horizon on the path to academic achievement. It means a lot in terms of career progression and my leadership skills upgrade. The journey is rewarding thus far and I can only be grateful that I made it.  


What do you like best about your course? 

The course is well structured and offered in a conducive environment. The lectures are engaging and quite probing and the teachers are very friendly and helpful. On the other end, the developments in social studies and current research are interesting features that I feel are aligned to one of my objectives for this course: to gain further knowledge in the contemporary paradigms in the field of HR. 


What do you like about life in London? 

I get fascinated by simple things in life, yet London is vast with so many things happening at the same time. Everyone is busy trying to achieve something and that is very encouraging. The multiculturalism and diversity of the people in London is just amazing. There are so many people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, race and culture just living in London and they are so open and free. I love the warm hospitality. People are willing to help when you ask them for help. The historic architecture of the buildings around the city, which is blended with contemporary designs, is fascinating and the transport system is very efficient. 


What are your career plans once you complete your course?

My plans are to return to Namibia and use the knowledge and experiences I have acquired to build upon our legacy at Otavi Town Council or lead an executive career with a reputable corporate organisation or an academic institution. However one can never predict fate and I believe that this journey is the right preparation for me to meet with my fate.

Photo of Moses Matayi in the Learning Centre