Jerina Forestall

Canadian Organised Crime and Global Security MA student Jerina discusses her experience of moving to the UK to pursue her postgraduate studies at London Met, and how studying in London was changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why did you choose London Met and what inspired you to want to study in London?

I chose London Met because it had an engaging and specialised master's program that inspired me! I could tell right from the outset that the modules in the Organised Crime and Global Security MA would interest me and build upon my knowledge from my bachelor's degree. I was thrilled to know that London Met was located in close proximity to London's city centre. I knew I would be able to access everything I needed during my studies in a city hub like London and feel well connected should I want to travel, take part in extracurriculars and meet new people.

What has the student experience been like during COVID-19?

I thought that the transition to online studies would be difficult, but the learning material is still very engaging. Lecturers have been understanding of students’ comfortability and accept many forms of participation online.

Though my London experience has recently been impacted by COVID-19, I still had the opportunity to see many of London’s attractions. I’ve explored places in Zone 1 many times, whether it be by foot or renting a bike! I never thought I would appreciate London’s green space as much as I do, but maybe it’s because I’m Canadian, after all. Taking a walk in the park with a latté, or takeaway has been a great way for me to get outside and explore the boroughs near me!

What do you enjoy most about your course at London Met?

I have really benefited from the small class sizes at the MA level. It has helped me to become more responsible in my studies, and contribute to discussions and seminars.

What are some aspects of student life at London Met that have been a highlight for you?

For me, it was important to have a gym nearby and the London Met gym and fitness classes were great to have before or even in-between classes. What’s better is that the membership for the gym is currently free for students and staff! I found the fitness community to be very tight knit and encouraging for all fitness levels. I also found the MyCareer portal helpful. I was able to find a volunteering position to complement my studies and get to know those in my community. 

What advice would you give to other Canadian applicants considering studying at London Met?

I completed my undergraduate degree in December 2019 and came to London Met in February 2020. This was a quick turnaround but I wanted to make sure that I could continue my education as soon as possible. I appreciated that London Met was able to accept me within such a short space of time, providing I could provide all of the required documents.

With this being said, I would advise Canadian students to be organised and responsive as they make their transition to London.. Additionally, be aware of the visa application centres hours, location and services. Many Canadians will live a far distance from one of these centres and may need to make additional arrangements to get to one.

Photo of Jerina Forestall

"I have really benefited from the small class sizes at the MA level. It has helped me to become more responsible in my studies, and contribute to discussions and seminars."