Alexander Mueller

Alexander Mueller is a Furniture and Product Design BA (Hons) graduate from London Met and innovative furniture designer, maker and craftsman. He is also the winner of Heal’s Discovers design competition and the Frederick Parker Award for best contemporary chair, and became a designer in residence at the School of Art, Architecture and Design in 2014.

In 2016 he was named as one of the winners for the New Talent Competition 2016, giving him free exhibition space at the 2016 DMY International Design Festival Berlin. Alexander's Dahlia collection, a monochrome, solid European ash series produced in collaboration with family-run Italian manufacturer Universal, combines local raw materials and modern engineering techniques with traditional craft. The collection is created using renewable energy sources. Inspired by London’s architecture, Mueller has utilised a simplified line motif to enhance the overall form of the pieces by staining ash frames, which have then been chamfered to reveal the untreated ash below, adding an outline effect to the pieces.

What was behind your decision to do a furniture and product design course at London Met?

I moved to London especially to study at London Met. London is at the forefront of design and the School of Art, Architecture and Design is situated perfectly within the creative centre of east London. London Met also has a great workshop space, a hands-on approach to studying and an amazing history with the London College of Furniture.

Did you do any work experience while studying for your degree?

I believe that especially in the design industry it is vital to do as much work experience as possible. I did several internships and in my final year I could accredit one of my internships as part of my coursework. There are some things university can’t teach you, so it’s important to get yourself out there and apply the skills you learn in your chosen work environment.

You recently won a big design competition with Heal’s – what’s it like working with such a prestigious company?

Heal’s is one of the leading companies in contemporary design with an amazing heritage, so I just feel incredibly honoured being able to work with such a prestigious company so shortly after graduating from my course. Working with Heal’s has been an incredible learning curve and taught me so many things. After winning the competition I have now been asked to work on a range of furniture.
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