Amar Akbar

Amar Akbar explains what to expect when applying through clearing, and the opportunities he’s had at London Met to gain work experience while studying.

Amar Akbar joined London Met as a mature student, first coming to study our Sports Science and Physical Education BSc (now Sport and Exercise Science BSc) which he applied for through Clearing. He has now completed a Sports Therapy MSc, and, thanks to the work experience opportunities he has had throughout his degrees, is well placed to get started on his new career. He talks us through his educational journey.

How were you feeling when you decided to apply through Clearing? What was it like making the phone call?

I applied through Clearing because I was quite late in making a decision about going into university and I came in as a mature student. I was feeling anxious and I didn’t really know where I was heading. I heard about London Met and saw some posters on the train so I thought I’d get in contact and find out more.

The person who I spoke to was very friendly and helpful. I was further put into contact with a lecturer from the sports department who was also very supportive and friendly. They asked me and checked with me to see if I had the needed GCSEs and BTEC results. Altogether, they were very informative and made the process very easy for me. 

How much did you know about London Met before you got here?

I didn’t know much about London Met so when I turned up for enrolment, I absolutely loved the location and was also surprised with how easy it was for me to get to the University since the underground station is literally opposite the University. 

What’s been the best thing about the course?

The best thing about my course is the work experience opportunities I had as well as the lecturers. I was able to get a taste of what I wanted to do in the future and the lecturers are very helpful and easy to communicate with. Altogether, they are supportive and direct you to all the support you need.  

What was the biggest change in transitioning from school to university?

The biggest change is the fact you have to become a grown-up and do everything for yourself. Your teachers will not chase you up for work, they will not nag you to revise and everything is up to you. You get the chance to become a responsible young adult at university and this is something I loved as a change from school. 

What advice would you have for someone applying through Clearing this year?

My advice would be, just call up the University and enquire. Send emails, make phone calls and chase up. You will be surprised how easy it can all be. Don’t give up on your hopes of studying your dream course. 


Head shot of Amar