PGCE student Kamal Kasim

 "My tutor Dr Jacobs has been very supportive."
Kamal Kasim pictured outside Holloway Road campus


 "The course is very informative, it contains diverse topics and is well structured."
Kamal Kasim pictured outside Holloway Road campus


 "I believe London Met will support me to achieve my dream by equipping me with the skills needed."
Kamal Kasim pictured outside Holloway Road campus


Kamal Kasim

Teaching assistant Kamal Kasim decided to upgrade his qualifications and study for a PGCE Secondary Mathematics at London Met. He tells us what the high points so far have been.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, and what brought you to London Met in particular?

I used to work in a school as a teaching assistant to get some experience in education, and I loved helping the students with lessons. I decided on becoming a teacher, but I knew it required me to complete teacher training. I applied to courses at many different universities, including London Met. When I went to London Met’s interview, I knew deep down this was the university I wanted to study at for my PGCE.

What made you want to study in London?

While I would not mind studying outside London, proximity to my family and friends makes London an ideal location.

What's your favourite part of the course so far and why?

The course is very informative, it contains diverse topics and is well structured. That will prepare me for placements and for a potential teaching career.

What's been most challenging about being a student?

You are constantly learning new information, so you need to have good time management skills and organisation skills to complete the work.

How have you found the professors / teachers?

My tutor Dr Jacobs has been very supportive. He has created an environment where all the students are happy, comfortable and can freely ask questions.

Can you tell us about your first school placement?

I have enjoyed the versatility offered by the opportunities London Met has given me. Working on this school placement has taught me various ways to teach set topics to students. This placement has also helped me to develop people skills – ranging from dealing with unique student concerns to improving relationships with fellow faculty members.

The most challenging aspect of this placement has been organising lesson plans within a strict timeframe for many students. The stark difference between university classroom theory and the realities of actively teaching, catering to a diverse student pool, is a very refreshing, albeit challenging experience.

What drives you?

I strive to learn new things, enabling me to constantly challenge myself to achieve my goals and dreams.

What are you most proud of in your life so far?

My most proud moment was finishing university and being able to work jobs in different industry sectors. Through these experiences, I have had time to reflect and understand what it is I truly want to do in my future career.

Are you a member of any clubs and societies here – can you tell us more if so?

I am the student class representative for my course, where I listen to any concerns from the students studying alongside me, and inform the tutor while also hosting discussions.

Tell us a little bit about your interests outside of uni and why they are important to you.

Outside of university, I like to play football weekly to stay fit and meet new people. I also enjoy going to the gym as physical activity helps with my mental health and improves my endurance.

What's your plan when you graduate, and how do you think London Met will help you succeed in this?

Ultimately, my dream is to become a teacher in mathematics. I believe London Met will support me to achieve my dream by equipping me with all the skills needed to thrive in the role.

Any tips for students new to London Met?

If I could give any tips to students starting next year, it would be to remain calm, focus and prepare for every moment. The course is fast-paced, and it will save you time if you work on your subject knowledge beforehand rather than come in to learn from the lectures alone. It will also make for good practice later on when prepping lessons for your potential students in future.


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Kamal smiling outside Holloway Road campus

"I strive to learn new things, enabling me to constantly challenge myself to achieve my goals and dreams."