Adediran Saseyi

Nigerian student Adediran Saseyi chose to come to London Met and study for a Computer Networking and Cyber Security MSc. Here’s what Ade said when we quizzed him on his time here.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and what you've enjoyed most about your MSc programme at London Met?

My name is Adediran Saseyi and I'm from Nigeria – I grew up in Lagos. I am one of the five Chevening Scholars at London Met. Before London Met, I worked as a network analyst in an ICT firm. 

The module contents and the wealth of knowledge displayed by module leaders, as well as my colleagues during our seminars, are phenomenal. The tailored-made approach of utilising industrial experiences with analytical methods is one of my favourite things about London Met.

Some of my colleagues on the MSc work in different firms. For example, I used to work as a network analyst back in Nigeria before coming for my MSc. Two of my colleagues work with Cisco, another is a network engineer with O2 networks and another colleague of mine owns an ICT consultancy firm in Thailand. This wealth of knowledge, combined with that of my lecturers (who are also Cisco and Palo Alto instructors) are the reason for the great experiences I've had on the course so far.

We all work today on a lot of network devices (such as the Cisco ASA 5500 series firewall in the Cisco lab as well as various different pen-testing software in the Cybersecurity lab), where we have worked on some industrial materials for different companies. 

What made you choose to study at London Met?

The computing environment with specialised, dedicated laboratories for software and hardware practices, staff with extensive industrial experience and a strong academic structure for excellence in the networking and security industry is why I chose to study here.

Also, the location of London Met made the choice more appealing.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I plan to work in my field with a firm that offers a robust network infrastructure in order to supplement my knowledge of computer networking and cyber security with cutting-edge research experience.

I will also enroll for a PhD programme in cyber security with emphasis on promoting a secure and sustainable cyber ecosystem in the near future.

Adediran Saseyi, Computer Networking and Cyber Security MSc student