Nivin Abdei

Nivin Abdei from Syria discusses her experience of studying the Woman and Child Abuse MA at London Met, made possible by her Chevening scholarship.

What did receiving this scholarship mean to you?

The privilege of being granted a scholarship from Chevening was, and is still, a turning point in my life. I am able to employ the love I have for Syria in this scholarship. This opportunity will help me to be part of the restoration process of my country in the future. Most importantly, people will start seeing Syria as a productive country that brings out creative, independent and resilient women who play a major role in the reconstruction of the country and not only a destroyed country. Additionally, being granted this opportunity will open a broad horizon for me to utilise my talents and qualifications in fields that I am passionate about, such as women's studies and gender issues, that will be a vital component of the change I will take part in.

What do you like best about your course?

What I like most about my course is the variety of perspectives and opinions which I have been able to learn from during the lectures. Moreover, the context in which I am studying is very inclusive of other cultures and countries, which means that I can easily choose to discuss a different region. The teachers are very open to discussion and very helpful; they especially acknowledge that international students might feel as though they cannot relate to all contexts. Therefore, teachers will always enquire whether or not everything is clear. Also, the content of the modules is very informative and, as I am planning to be part of a non-governmental organisation (an NGO) in the future, this will help me immensely. This course is part of my whole experience in London and I am truly privileged to have been chosen to study this course at London Met.

What do you like about life in London?

What I like the most about life in London is the whole city. It is never a boring city; I haven’t felt bored ever since I've been here. There are plenty activities one can do, for all interests, no matter how different they might be. London represents to me a productive and accomplishing period of my life. A stage where everything is possible and achievable. The different races and ethnicities in London are marvellous and astonishing because they all work to develop themselves and their countries. I have learnt to know my priorities and never to draw limits for my dreams. It is a great place to leave one’s comfort zone, learn new experiences and challenge one's self. It is a place where dreams do come true and where efforts are met sufficiently and justly. Furthermore, I was able to go to several places in the world in London; I met people from different spots in the world that made me feel as though I have a collage of the world in one city.

What are your career plans once you complete your course?

My future plans, once I am able to return to my country, are related to women's issues. I am deeply interested in the change of some laws in the Syrian penal code that are related to honour killings. I am also planning to collaborate with governmental facilities and NGOs to grant women their rights on every level; whether educational, professional or on a maternal level. Also, I am planning to volunteer with Syria Relief or Save the Children. 

Female student Nivin Abdei smiles at the camera