Olabisi Yusuf

What does it feel like to graduate today?

It's amazing, I'm so happy to be here, knowing that I came physically for the graduation is amazing and marvellous. I feel so happy because I worked hard for it so I'm elated and proud. I'm so happy that I got first class because of my hard work.

What was the most challenging part of your studies?

It was pretty difficult working and taking care of the kids as well but I tried my best and I put all my efforts into doing it. My family supported me as well, I'm a single mom so I have two boys and they were really good at supporting me.

Why did you choose London Met?

I'm originally from Nigeria and I previously studied health and social care and I want to work with NGOs in the future so I decided to go for public health. Searching for schools I read the reviews that said London Met has one of the best public health courses so that's why I came in.

Which part of the course did you find particularly valuable?

Every week we produced reports which helped me become much better at writing reports. They were weekly reports on public health issues in England and this has helped me to do better in writing and producing reports, and now I know more about public health in England.

Which part of the course did you find particularly challenging?

There were a lot of reports to be written every week, four to five reports, but it was still amazing because the lecturers were helpful even though we did it online. Natasha Choudary and Professor Yolanda and Katrin, they were really inspiring, they were encouraging us and they really supported us all through the online lectures.

What are your plans now you’ve graduated?

Right now I'm working, so my next plan is to start looking for work in NGOs, like Unicef, and try to get in there and continue my career and come back again to do my master's by the end of this year.

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"I feel so happy because I worked hard for it so I'm elated and proud."

Olabisi shares how it feels to graduate

We caught up with Olabisi to get the details of her London Met journey