Odeiny Gavira Tejeda

Odeiny Gavira Tejeda from Cuba discusses her experience of studying the Translation MA at London Met, made possible by her Chevening Scholarship

What did receiving this scholarship mean to you?

It is an honour and a privilege to have received the Chevening scholarship and to come to the UK to study. An honour, because I was selected to be part of the extensive Chevening community of professionals with leadership potential, great networking skills, very clear goals, and the will, commitment and resolution to accomplish them. I also feel privileged by the opportunity to study an MA course at London Metropolitan University, and experience the high standards of academic life in the UK, which has led me to create and expand my professional relationships that will contribute to furthering my career. 

What did you like best about your course?

I enjoyed several things about my course: the level of specialisation, the access to key bibliography, the exchange with students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, and the possibility of creating and boosting professional relationships in my field of knowledge. But what I liked the best were the work-placement opportunities offered by the course, which give students a unique insight into real-life work experience, and positions them in the jobs market. Accordingly, the programme provides students with the tools, support and guidance required to succeed in their professional lives once they graduate.

Did anything surprise you about your course or London Met?

When I first arrived, I was surprised by almost everything at London Met: the organisational levels, the preparation, kindness, support and respect of the staff, the impeccable timing, the facilities and the technology available in the learning process, and the diversity of students. Today, after having incorporated those things into my daily routine, I am still surprised by the flawless organisation of almost everything.

What do you like about life in London?

I enjoy the multicultural life of the city, the impressive landmarks, the contrast between Victorian and pre-Victorian buildings and the modern glass constructions, the organisational efficiency in every aspect of society, which makes everything function almost faultlessly; and I also enjoy the freedom to manage my time according to my priorities.

What have you been up to since you completed your course in 2017?

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't confirm that London Met was that necessary step I needed to take to advance my career, and I thank Chevening and the wonderful teaching staff for it.

I joined the freelance translation community right after graduation and I've been practising my profession ever since, while strengthening my ties with the International Video Art Festival of Camagüey as the Lead Translator and exploring a wide array of areas within the translation industry. I've not been able to start PhD-level research just yet, but I still plan to pursue a doctoral degree in the future.

Female student Odeiny smiles at the camera