Gaurav Gajjar

MBA graduate Gaurav Gajjar completed his studies at London Met in 2009, and says his qualification continues to serve him well even today. Gaurav, who studied at the Guildhall School of Business and Law, chose the MBA to further his career. Before taking on his MBA, Gaurav was working in a software development company. Now, he works for a major global bank – the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. We speak to him to find out what the advantages of London Met's MBA were.

What made you choose to do an MBA?

Gaurav says: “Prior to my MBA I was working in middle management and wanted to acquire skills and knowledge of other areas of the business to which I had less exposure. I knew these were vital to my overall knowledge of the business world to gain an encompassing perspective if I wanted to take on more challenging responsibilities.”

What was the best thing about the MBA?

Gaurav notes that the best thing about the MBA was the student diversity and the real-life opportunities he was presented with, both of which prepared him to work with intercultural teams at the bank and, in turn, with Gaurav’s dealings across the globe. “I continue to benefit from these experiences in the multicultural and diverse markets I deal with on a daily basis. In addition it helped me hone my management and leadership skills, helping me attain my goals,” says the banker.

“The best thing about the MBA was the residential weekend trip to Northampton, which is still fresh in my memory. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my MBA at London Met and a great way to share knowledge and experiences from students of similar courses. The friendships forged then still remain in effect today.”

Did anything surprise you about the course or London Met?

"There were a few pleasant surprises that did come my way when at London Met. Firstly, the support from the School and the professors. The 'my door is always open' phrase couldn't have been more evident when it came to getting help from them. And secondly, the sheer number of quality resources we had access to via the library such as online journals, research databases and reference material."

How did you find the lecturers and the support available at the University?

Gaurav notes that "the lecturers at London Met come with robust experience and real-world knowledge from relevant fields. Additionally, they were always around if a student needed that little extra help."

What's your typical day like in the bank?

"That's the boon and bane of my workday, there's never a typical one! Though this was somewhat what I'd expected coming into a dynamic global bank. It ranges from morning calls with Tokyo Head Office to chasing calls with New York at the end of the day. In between, I could be dealing with anything from Commercial Paper issuances to Collaterals and TPAs. Given my technical background, I am constantly involved in next-stage tech solutions at the bank."

What do you do in your spare time?

When he is not analysing investment banking deals, Gaurav can be found acting in films. He starred in Strangest Story of Six Strangers in 2014.

Do you have any advice for new students?

Gaurav advises new students to "make the most of this opportunity and of London Met. The teachers, facilities and the global student community is an experience that is second-to-none. I would advise them to make use of other support services like the business incubator and take part in student group activities – academic and otherwise. These will help you develop yourself in areas other than academics (like soft skills and networking) – all key skills in order to be employable in today's highly competitive workspace."

More about the MBA

The London Met MBA re-launched in January 2017. A series of pathways, including Cyber Security, Islamic Finance, Data Analytics and Business Psychology, will launch in September 2017.

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