Giulia Ghin
Giulia, our Business Management and Marketing BA (Hons) graduate, tells us about her experience at London Met and her career since graduating from the University. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I graduated from London Met in July 2019 with a First Class (Hons) in BA Business Management and Marketing. I was working full-time in Starbucks throughout my studies; however, the summer between my second and third year I decided to gain professional work experience at Westminster City Council. This was very inspiring as I was faced with the reality of working as a professional and truly recommend it to anyone considering a work experience. This experience was beyond successful as I was offered a position at the end of it, despite not having obtained my degree yet. I currently work as a Researcher and Intelligence Analyst whereby I conduct research on Westminster’s communities (e.g business community) and support other departments in understanding their needs to better tailor services and communication.

How do you think your study at London Met prepared you for your work today?

Statistics modules have certainly been vital in my current role, however not exclusively. Marketing modules have been essential in illustrating the importance of understanding and meeting audience needs as well as research modules, which taught me how to conduct research and which aspects to consider when doing so.

What are the highlights from your time at London Met?

I’d say first hand experience. I was fortunate enough to go on a field trip to the US dedicated to Aviation Management students; despite this not being entirely my field, it exposed me to the opportunities of a business degree. Seeing how a theatre in Sloane Square is managed was also one of the highlights as well as a visit to the Natural History Museum and all guest speakers who imparted knowledge in how to deal with real world challenges.

How would you describe the culture at London Met?

The culture is very open, friendly and inclusive – I had friends from all over the world! Being exposed to cultures and opinions I was not acquainted with as an Italian citizen living in London, certainly made me challenge myself and see things from a different perspective.

Do you have any advice for current students or graduates?

Keep learning. This is my mantra and the best piece of advice I was given when I was 19 and moved to London after obtaining my Italian Diploma. I never intended to move to London to study and was only planning on staying for a year before moving back to Italy. Seven years later, with a BA in Business Management and Marketing and an MSc in Consumer Behaviour I am pursuing my APM Qualification in Project Management and who knows what I’ll be onto after! I strongly believe in the value of education and the way it empowers people to be the best version of themselves, it broadens horizons and is the passport to the future.
Giulia Ghin