Hazan Illyasak

Hazan Illyasak, hailing from Cambodia, talks about studying London Met's Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability MSc through his Chevening scholarship. Before starting life at the University, Hazan worked for a non-profit focusing on youth development, and then worked at a telecommunications company in a corporate social responsibility role, where he grew interested in the subject.

What made you choose to study at London Met?

As Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is such a new subject, it was quite challenging to find a university that provides the course whilst also being located in a metropolitan city. I love living in London, and I love what the city represents. When I decided to go for a master’s degree in CSR, London Met was the perfect option for me.

What made you choose to study in London, and the UK in particular?

London is a global icon, and it is an honour to be studying in this great city. By living and studying in London, I feel like I have picked up so many new positive qualities that will benefit me in all my future endeavours.

What do you like best about your course?

I like that all of my classmates come from different nationalities and career backgrounds. Each of us represents unique aspects when it comes to the lessons in class.

What are the facilities like at London Met?

I think all the facilities are helpful to the academic journey of the students studying here. Weblearn and the e-library are my favourite tools. Weblearn really helps with efficient communication between my lecturer and other classmates. The e-library allows me to access endless online resources.

What are your plans after you graduate?

My current plan is to go back to Cambodia and apply for jobs at the companies I have previously worked for; I want to apply what I have learned at London Met to my career. I believe that being at London Met helps me understand the bigger picture of corporate sustainability, enabling me to integrate CSR into the strategic planning and decision-making of a company’s business framework in the most effective ways.


Image of Hazan Illyasak