Laura Fornoni

Italian student Laura Fornoni discusses why she chose London Met and what attracted her to the Sports and Dance Therapy BSc (Hons) course.

What made you choose London Met and the UK in particular?

I decided to study at London Met as I wanted to start my university career in London. London is a multicultural city where you can meet people from every part of the world. London Met reflects the London lifestyle. Moreover, London Met is the only university that offers this degree in Sports and Dance Therapy.

What are the facilities like here?

The Learning Centre offers a wide range of books that you cannot find in different libraries. It is also possible to access numerous updated journals.

There are different cafes with affordable prices for students. The Rocket complex offers deals and give us students a place to chill after lectures and socialise.

Do you get to do much practical work or an industry placement on the course? Can you give us some details?

Passing the first-year massage exam immediately gives students on this course a qualification to work as sports masseur. As a consequence, I could start my work-experience hours at the beginning of the second year. I have been involved in different projects such as office massage and sports team massage.

What do you like best about your course?

The majority of the lectures for Sports and Dance Therapy are taken in labs with plinths and rehabilitation equipment, including physiology labs to test athletes and in a dance studio.

Were you in any clubs/societies here?

I am a cheerleader for London Met's cheerleading team, I play rugby for London Met's women’s rugby team and I am also part of the London Met dance team.

What do you like about life in London?

In London you can meet always new people and experience different activities; shows, matches, concerts and clubs.

What are your career plans?

I wish to become a sports therapist working on a pitch and specialising in gymnastics rehabilitation. I would also like to coach competitive gymnasts.

Image of female student Laura Fornoni