Katie Whitmore

Kate Whitmore joined us as a mature student on our Sports Science and Physical Education BSc (now Sport and Exercise Science BSc). We caught up with her a few years after graduating to hear where her career has taken her and how studying at London Met put her on that path.

Hi Katie, thanks for coming back to talk to us! First of all, could you tell us what brought you to London Met?

I was actually a qualified dental nurse for 4 years but I always had a passion for sport and football. I decided to then start my degree after years of contemplating it. I applied to London Met and was successful! 

Wow, that's quite a career change. Why did you pick London Met and particularly your course?

I chose London Met as I already knew the area well and it's a great location.

It certainly is. How did you find your course?

My favourite project was on sport psychology, I enjoyed the lectures and completed my dissertation on sport psychology. I also had access to all the facilities I needed throughout my degree and was lucky enough to do work experience at a local secondary school in their PE department. This was valuable experience that helped me later in my career. 

Could you tell us about your lecturers?

I always felt supported throughout my time on the course. I had the opportunity to coach in America during my degree and was helped by my lecturer Ian Gummery to secure this. 

And what are you up to now? How did London Met help shape your next steps?

Once I graduated I started my career with Kent FA as a Development Assistant which then developed into becoming the Designated Safeguarding Assistant. I'm currently working for Millwall Football Club as the Designated Safeguarding Officer and I'm the former Millwall Lionesses Manager of the Women's First Team and U16s. Since stepping down from the role of manager I've been able to successfully start my own coaching business alongisde my position at Millwall Football Club.

Any tips for new students?

Take in every experience at university as it really does help you in your career. 

Thanks so much for your time, Katie. One last thing before you go. What was your favourite thing about your time at London Met?

The friendships I developed throughout my time at university and the experiences I gained to allow me to have the career I have now.

Katie Whitmore coaching at Milwall

"I always felt supported throughout my time on the course. I had the opportunity to coach in America during my degree and was helped by my lecturer Ian Gummery to secure this."