Francis Nwaobilo and Nnamdi Ihenetu

What was it like studying your course?

We supported each other, we've been in the program for two years and it's been a very long journey for us so now we’re very close friends. Obviously the course was quite interesting because it exposed us to a lot of things that we thought were more fictitious, things you see in the movies. In real life we were able to see what was actually happening in terms of cyber attacks, simulating cyber attacks; we were able to see how it works and how to control it.

What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting their degree?

My advice is stay focused, don't give up. Sometimes at night I didn't sleep because I had to complete my coursework. It was difficult but if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.

Be focused and enjoy the course because if you have the passion to do the course then you definitely won't have a problem. For example, in my case I came from an agricultural background so I didn't have any prior knowledge about networking, cyber security and all that. But it's my passion to learn about this stuff, to learn about the technology and that really helped me a lot.

What are your plans now that you’ve graduated?

To go into the field and put into practise what we have learned. We need to keep everybody safe; there's a lot of cyber security threats happening around so now that we have gained the knowledge it's for us to implement it in the outside world.

I'm looking at going into the industry and applying what I've learned. In doing so I want to start a business so that I can help society fight crime.

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"Be focused and enjoy the course, because if you have the passion to do the course then you definitely won't have a problem."

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Francis and Nnamdi tell us how it feels to graduate together

Francis and Nnamdi became close friends during their time at London Met