Janny Siapata

Janny Siapata Irenge is currently studying Business Management BA (Hons) and is due to graduate in July 2017. Janny wanted to share her experience at London Met. 

Why did you choose to study at London Met? 

I wanted to study business in London and a friend who graduated from London Met a few years back gave me positive feedback, so I decided to apply. 

What made you choose London / the UK in particular?

I am Belgian by nationality, but I am originally from the Congo (Kinshasa). I did my primary studies in French in the Congo, my secondary studies in Dutch in Belgium and decided to carry on with my education in English here in London. London is an attractive city for a young business student. I have always been business oriented. I started doing business studies at high school; however, I didn’t know what I was going to do after. I guess it was just the beginning of a long story.

How have you found the Business Management course at London Met?

I have truly enjoyed my course. Each module is taught in a particular way that makes it interesting and that helps students improve the skills they already have whilst developing new skills as well. The workload is quite heavy, but there is always somewhere you can get extra explanations or help in case you need it. The fact that there is always a mix of assessment methods like exams, coursework and presentations in a module makes it easier for students to balance their marks as well as the workload.

Although, it was very challenging, I could see my growth and evolution right from my first year up until now. When I first walked in the doors of the University, I was a shy young lady who was very much satisfied with whatever was handed to her. Through the course at London Met and every challenge it came with, I learned to get to know myself. 

How has the course prepared you for the world of work?

When I started the course, I knew I wanted to work in the business world, but I didn’t know whether to go for HR, accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing or any other field. The diversity in the modules gave me a taste of all the fields in the business world and kind of opened my eyes on what I really wanted to do. Making a choice on what to do next, whether it’s working or studying, is very hard. I’m grateful that I will leave London Met with a clear idea of what’s next.

What is your highlight at London Met?

I would say graduation day but we are not there yet! So it is definitely the relationship I was able to create with some of my lecturers. It is amazing how close students are with their lecturers. You are not just a number, lecturers don’t always know you by name but they surely recognise your face and are humble enough to start a conversation with you when they meet you in the lift for example.

Describe your experience in one word? 


What are your career plans?

I have applied for a postgraduate programme about innovative leadership at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Now, why South Africa? I wanted to finish my studies in an African university because I’m aiming to start a career in Africa and doing a course there will hopefully enable me to get some understanding of the African business world. My country, Congo, is in need of people to create education and jobs in order to tackle poverty. I want to be part of the improvement of my country. That is the reason why I am very dedicated to my studies and very focused in everything I do. 

Female student Janny Siapata