Anthony Schmitt-Ellis

How does it feel to graduate today?

It feels wonderful to finally do this, long overdue but it feels amazing to see my friends again and my lecturers. It feels wonderful.

Why did you decide to study chemistry?

I decided to do chemistry because I've always been quite passionate about science. My main enjoyment at school was science. I feel like chemistry is [about] learning how the smallest of differences in atoms and other things can have such big changes, and that honestly does fascinate me, it really does.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

Having hands-on practical experience in the laboratory was amazing, of course before 2020. Being able to do that was amazing. I also had great friends and wonderful lecturers.

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"Having hands-on practical experience in the laboratory was amazing."

Recent graduate Anthony talks to us on his graduation day

We caught up with Anthony at his graduation ceremony to hear how he enjoyed studying at London Met