Two-year degrees

At London Met, we've developed an exciting new programme of two-year accelerated degrees. Our accelerated degrees will allow you to:

  • complete an undergraduate degree in two years rather than three, allowing you to start your career sooner
  • be career focused and prepare for professional entrance tests
  • save money on course fees and the living costs associated with education
  • benefit from accelerated degree fee waivers on specific courses where you're eligible
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More about our two-year accelerated degrees

What other benefits are there to studying an accelerated degree?


By studying either our Early Years Education BA (Hons) or our Primary Education BA (Hons) you could progress to a PGCE or Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) course after two years rather than three, and we could guarantee you an interview if you apply for a PGCE with London Met. The course will support your preparation for the skills tests required for a PGCE / QTS course.

Is it equivalent to a normal three-year undergraduate degree?

Yes, absolutely. A two-year accelerated degree is an intensive degree programme and the final award is the same as the award that would be given at the end of an equivalent three-year degree. The intensity of learning is far greater than the intensity of learning on a three-year degree and the course is designed for high achieving candidates who are looking to fast-track their career.

I've still got questions...

If you have any questions about accelerated degree programmes we'd be happy to address them, please send our enquiries team a message stating clearly that you're interested in the accelerated degree programme.