Two-year degrees

At London Met, we've developed an exciting new programme of two-year accelerated degrees. Our accelerated degrees will allow you to:

  • complete an undergraduate degree in two years rather than three, allowing you to start your career sooner
  • be career focused and prepare for professional entrance tests
  • save money on course fees and the living costs associated with education
  • benefit from accelerated degree fee waivers on specific courses where you're eligible

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More about our two-year accelerated degrees

What other benefits are there to studying an accelerated degree?


By studying our Primary Education BA (Hons) you could progress to a PGCE or Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) course after two years rather than three, and we could guarantee you an interview if you apply for a PGCE with London Met. The course will support your preparation for the skills tests required for a PGCE / QTS course.

Is it equivalent to a normal three-year undergraduate degree?

Yes, absolutely. A two-year accelerated degree is an intensive degree programme and the final award is the same as the award that would be given at the end of an equivalent three-year degree. The intensity of learning is far greater than the intensity of learning on a three-year degree and the course is designed for high achieving candidates who are looking to fast-track their career.

I've still got questions...

If you have any questions about accelerated degree programmes we'd be happy to address them, please send our enquiries team a message stating clearly that you're interested in the accelerated degree programme.