Fanta Makadji

International Relations BA (Hons) second-year student Fanta Makadji shares her university experience with us. 

Can you tell us a bit about your educational background, and what led you to choose London and London Met?

I was brought up in France and I completed my school studies there. I then went on to the Université Paris-Est Créteil's foreign languages department where I applied to study international business and politics. I then realised this was not the right time for me to study and decided to leave. I have always been very creative and interested in fashion and photography, so I moved to the United Kingdom in 2013 and started a fashion photography undergraduate course at Southampton Solent University, but due to personal circumstances I had to take some time out to get back on track.

Two years passed and I still had the urge to continue studying and I didn't want to give up. I decided to move to London – I had always been very fond of London and its cultural burst and British history. After all the courses I had taken, I finally found a purpose – which was to combine my creative skills with my love of languages and do something for the greater good.

I received an email from UCAS with a list of universities who had courses starting in January, and London Met was one of them. I had a few friends who studied at London Met and they recommended it to me as a great place to study. I saw that London Met offered International Relations BA (Hons), I did some research and I went for it! The content of the course totally fitted in with my future career plans. I sent through my personal statement and here I am today – a London Met International Relations BA (Hons) student.  

What makes International Relations BA (Hons) an especially valuable degree?

We live an era where it is so important to understand how the world around us is functioning and how we can fix what is disfunctional within our societies. International relations as a discipline has been around for many years – it’s always valuable to learn about our past, present and future most importantly to not repeat the same mistakes.

The opportunities provided by this degree are huge – depending what we are aiming to achieve we could be working for any governmental or non-governmental institution and be able to make a difference in this world – that is the beauty of it! When I started his course I was so excited knowing that when I finish, I'll be able to contribute to making a difference to the world.

The last six months have been really intense but I have had such a great experience. Our tutors are really awesome – they are 100% involved in helping us achieve our best and the learning journey is carefully thought out and well designed. I have made amazing friends throughout my journey and we always support one another. If you are struggling with something you can always open up to a tutor or a friend. 

What are the lecturers and facilities like?

Like I said the lecturers are amazing and always there to support and guide us to achieve the best we can. In terms of the facilities, they are well designed for our comfort and productivity.

The one piece of equipment that supports my course and has now become my best friend for the remaining time I am at university is Weblearn – this is where you find all the information you need about your course in just one click – lecture recordings, assignment deadlines, lecture notes and announcements for guest lecturers, job fairs and other events happening around the University. 

What do you do outside lectures when you have free time? Any favourite London spots?

I usually work most of my free time. I sometimes do some sport play basketball or go to the gym. I am such a foodie and London is the best place to be if you're a food lover. I do some creative work too like styling, editing and photoshoots. 

Do you have any advice for new students?

Be you, do you enjoy and use every opportunities to bring you closer to your goals!! If you fall down, pick yourself back up and get back to it!!

Are you a mature student? If so, can you tell us more about how you've found things here?

I consider myself a mature student even though I am a joker most of the time. I think we gain in wisdom and maturity throughout the experiences and life lessons we learn. Everyone is very respectful and willing to help at London Met – from the staff to students, we are a big, culturally diverse family and everything is well structured to make us feel at home. 




Image of Fanta Makadji