Ray Millican

Ray Millican works as an independent consultant involved in change management projects in the supply chain and procurement sector. He considered all BPS-accredited MSc Occupational Psychology courses and chose London Met because the staff members are approachable, realistic and very experienced in ‘real-world’ issues.

How was your experience of studying at London Met?

The course was the most practical I could find and flexible enough to allow me to apply learning immediately.

As a mature student, I was concerned that I would feel a bit out of place. However, from the very first day I was made very welcome by both the teaching staff and my fellow students.

This course has been a great experience for me and has delivered more than I expected. The material has proven to be interesting and relevant. I have also learnt a great deal from my peers. The wide range of age, experience and cultural background creates a diverse and energising learning environment.

How has the course benefited your career?

The investment of time and money is paying back with concepts learnt on the course already used in practice. I now plan to continue to follow my academic interests with a PhD that will complement my business development plans.

Ray Millican