Balgisa Ahmed

Balgisa Ahmed is currently a Pharmaceutical Science BSc student at London Met, and we caught up with her recently to ask her a few questions about university life and how she's finding her course and coping with remote learning during lockdown. 

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your course? 

Everything, so far it’s allowed me to absorb so much knowledge and meet some great people. It’s great to learn about the endless opportunities that I can pursue after this course. 

How do you think your study at London Met is preparing you for work? 

This course will give me the skills and knowledge to go into any field within pharmaceuticals or organic chemistry. My other skills such as management, which I’ve learnt from a role in retail, will give me an advantage when applying for jobs after my studies.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what led you to London Met? 

I’m the first one in my family to go to university. I was previously working full time in retail. I decided to quit my job because there were no opportunities to progress and managed to get a part-time job which allowed me to study too. I always wanted to work within the medical field and when I completed my access course, I was searching for a degree that could help me become a physician assistant. I knew I needed a degree that I would enjoy, so I did some research into different career opportunities which is why I chose to study pharmaceutical science. 

What has been your favourite project or work experience so far on the course? 

I love doing practical work and working in the lab is a great experience. I enjoy being able to work independently but having lecturers to support me when I need help or more understanding. 

What is your favourite spot or resource at the University? 

The second floor of the Library helps me focus and get on with work without being too distracted.

Do you feel supported by the lecturers on your course?  

Yes, I feel so lucky to have chosen this University. I have all the support I need from my lecturers. They are truly knowledgeable and patient with me and take the time to help me understand the topics better, I’m very grateful to them!

Has anything surprised you so far about your course or London Met? 

Yes – the support I get from my lecturers, in comparison to other lecturers at other universities. 

If you could choose one word to describe your experience here so far, what would it be? 


What topics/projects are you looking forward to covering on your course over the next couple of years? 

Formulation and quality assurance of medicines and the research project. 

Why did you pick London Met and particularly Pharmaceutical Science BSc over other institutions/courses?

I think it was fate, because I had applied for a few universities and didn’t hear back and then London Met contacted me straight away and it was a very quick and smooth process. 

What career path would you like to take once you have finished your course here? 

I would like to go into medicine or be a medical sales rep.

How have you adapted to learning remotely because of the current lockdown? Do you feel supported by the university and your lecturers? 

I have been supported during these difficult times and feel very reassured. I went over lecture recordings and printed the presentation slides and pasted them into notebooks so I could make notes on top while I listened. This allowed me to revise efficiently and generally be more organised.

Student Balgisa Ahmed smiling into the camera