Sustainability at London Met

London Met is committed to continually reducing its environmental impact and to using resources in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way. We recognise our role in leading carbon reduction both through the management of our University and through education, research and our wider role within society.

Minimising our environmental impact not only delivers benefits for our institution, but also for the local community and wider society.

We're proud of our environmental achievements to date, which include reducing our carbon footprint by 66% during 2016/17 from a 2009 baseline figure, and meeting our 2020 target four years early. We are keen to expand on this success and are currently setting new targets to achieve.

If you'd like to get involved or seek our support, please don't hesitate to contact us. 



Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @GreenLondonMet

Sustainability Manager

Rachel Ward 

+44(0)20 7133 3305

Sustainability Assistant

Zanda Pipira

+44(0)20 7133 3307

Sustainability Intern

Alisha Withem



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