Dario Pacitti

Scientist and researcher Dario Pacitti discusses his time at London Met as a Pharmacology BSc student.

What made you choose London Met?

I've always wanted to study pharmacology and I definitely wanted to be in London, so studying for a BSc (Hons) Pharmacology at London Metropolitan University was the perfect choice for me. I chose London Met because it has a wide range of modules to choose from between biological and pharmaceutical sciences, which helps to tailor the subject to what suits you. The lecturers are fantastic with a great knowledge of the subjects, options of a year in industry and a fantastic support network to aid in finding job experience.

How did you find the resources and facilities?

I was particularly attracted to London Met because of the SuperLab, which is the biggest and most well-equipped teaching lab in Europe, allowing you to gain hands-on experience and learn cutting-edge techniques. This great incentive to choose London Met as the Science Centre and the training provided really sets the students apart from the rest of London Universities in terms of practical experience.

There is also an exceptional modern library to assist in your studies, which provides a resource for any extra reading you may wish to do. Also the University offers a huge IT facility.

Did you gain any industry or work experience as part of the course?

Between my second and third year, I decided to take an extra-mural year in industry. Having been through a few interviews, I was offered a place at GlaxoSmithKline in their research laboratories. After my degree I plan to do a PhD and carry on in the field of research.

Can you tell us a little bit about London life outside of your course?

Finding accommodation in London is not difficult, and London life is pretty rewarding after hard work and lots of study. London Met's Students' Union is constantly involved in organising outstanding social events which I recommend taking part in. Moreover, there is a wide choice of student societies to get involved with, for any extracurricular activity.

Why would you particularly recommend London Met?

In conclusion, I would recommend London Met – not only because of the great opportunities it offers to students, but also because lecturers are passionate and dedicated to forming the next generation of scientists. Additionally, London Met is a vast multicultural and very enriching place to study; I did not regret my choice and I would definitely recommend it as the course prepared me very well for a career in science – it offered me all the necessary tools and opportunities to become what I always wanted to be.

Photo of male student Dario Pacitti