Businesses and employers

The London Met career mentoring programme matches current students with professional mentors. Our mentors come from a range of subject disciplines and have over three years professional experience in their sector. The scheme runs for approximately five months and it is expected that mentors and students will have a minimum of five meetings.

What are the benefits to becoming a mentor?

Mentoring can enrich life on a personal and professional level, giving you the opportunity to:  

  • develop leadership and management qualities 
  • grow your ability to motivate and encourage others, in turn helping you to become a better manager, employee, or team member
  • improve your communication and personal skills 
  • reinforce your own study skills and knowledge of your subject
  • gain a fresh perspective by working with someone less experienced and from a different background
  • benefit from the personal satisfaction of knowing you’ve directly contributed to a student's growth and development
  • advance your own career and CV 

If you're interested in sharing your professional experience and knowledge with a current student, please email the mentoring team.