Monil Adhikari

Scholarship recipient Monil Adhikari from Nepal talks to us about how winning this scholarship has changed his life. Monil is currently working towards a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Cybersecurity at the University's Guildhall School of Business and Law.

What did receiving this scholarship mean to you?

Receiving this scholarship was absolutely an honour. I was very excited and nervous during the whole process. I am sincerely grateful for this selection.

What do you like best about your course?

The thing I love most about my course is interacting with various people with various perspectives. Also, the module leaders are very inspiring. Finally, the whole ecosystem at London Met is actually very supportive. 

Does anything surprise you about your course or London Met?

The amount of diversity in my class and at the University actually really surprised me. 

What do you like about life in London?

The amount of opportunities here is truly amazing. I always have the option to attend seminars and various events around the city. Since this is a very new experience for me, I am learning and enjoying whatever I come across.

What are your career plans once you complete your course?

I want to keep working in the field of data privacy and keep polishing my skills as an expert and as well as a person.

Photo of male student Monil Adhikari