Oladiemi Quadri

How does it feel to graduate today?

I couldn't wait for this moment and today I feel fulfilled; I'm very happy. The journey was a little bit challenging because I was supposed to begin my studies some years back at the Open University but I was unable to do so due to some personal circumstances. But at London Met I felt so welcome, like a part of the community. The journey was a little bit challenging because I struggled a lot with mathematics, but with the help of the staff and fellow students I was able to overcome that, and today I am one of the first-class students.

Which part of the course did you particularly enjoy?

The best thing about my course was that I was able to exploit the new technology and make use of industry standard software, which is quite rare at most other institutions but London Met gave me the opportunity. All of the modules gave the opportunity to use the latest industry-standard technology, so those things give me the impression that my skills are relevant in the industry upon completing my programme. The other best bit was the foundation stage, because for someone like me who has been out of education for a very long time, starting afresh is quite challenging.

What was the teaching like on your course?

To be honest all of my lecturers were superb, from the start of the foundation course to the final day. I can't mention names because I don't want any of them to be jealous but they've been a part of my journey, I love them all and I appreciate them all.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying a degree?

Start now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow might be too late - start now, you will enjoy every moment.

What are your plans now you’ve graduated?

Presently I'm doing my MSc in Cyber Security and Networking, which is very interesting. Very soon I'll probably come here for the next graduation.

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"At London Met I felt so welcome, like a part of the community."

Oladiemi tells us what it's like to graduate

We caught up with Oladiemi on his graduation day