Natasha Drew

German student Natasha Drew talks about why she chose the Chemistry Extended Degree BSc (now Chemistry (including foundation year) BSc) at London Met.

What made you choose London Met in particular?

London Met has one advantage that most other universities do not have, and that is the preparatory foundation year. I think it’s a great aspect that London Met has, because it offers mature students and other students either a chance to start again or to move towards a direction they haven’t before.

I came from Germany at the age of 13 and not speaking the language created difficulties for me at school. Consequently, I didn’t do very well at school but at the age of 22 I realised I wanted to go to university to further my education, although never having studied science before, London Met offered me the chance to explore a career path that I never knew I would love.

How did you find the course?

The teaching was outstanding with some of the best lecturers I have ever had along with great support offered by them. I still had to work hard to get good grades but the lecturers were always there to help with both lecture material and personal aspects, like further study or finding a job.

What is your current role?

After the preparatory year, I went on to study BSc Chemistry at London Met and graduated with a 1st class honours degree; I am now working in R&D (research and development) at Procter & Gamble (P&G) as a Technical Analyst – I product test using various software algorithms for our product’s claim support.

I would never have been able to work at P&G along with all other opportunities I can now take advantage of, had I not studied the foundation year and BSc Chemistry degree at London Met.

Photo of female student Natasha Drew