Miguel Ferrer-Gil

Miguel Ferrer-Gil was in his late twenties and working in the retail sector when he decided that it was time to make a big change in his life. Propelled by his long-standing interest in the visual arts, he applied to study our Fine Art BA and he’s never looked back.

What made you decide to go to university?

Since I was very young I’ve been interested in the visual arts and after many years of working in the retail sector, I decided I needed a challenge and to change my career. I realised that to make this happen I needed training and the options were clear: I had to go to university.

What made you apply to London Met?

I was looking for a place where I could develop my creative skills, learn from the best professionals in the art world, have access to a big variety of modern facilities in a good location and have as many opportunities to show my work as possible. At the same time I wanted a university that understood my situation as a mature student. London Met was the best option for me.

Why did you choose London Met over other universities?

London Met means diversity. Personally for me it is very important to be surrounded by different people from diverse backgrounds. Every day I learned something different, not only from my exceptional lecturers and technicians, but from all the students with whom I shared this amazing time.

What facilities did you have access to?

I still remember my first day at London Met, when my tutor showed us all the facilities we could take advantage of at the University; it was the first sign that I’d made the best decision. First of all my studio, the space where I developed all my work during the three years, then all the workshops – metal and wood mill, print rooms, video and photo studios – where I could create whatever passed through my head. I’ve also been one of the lucky graduates who’s been able to benefit from the graduate internship programme.

What did you enjoy most about your time at London Met?

I really enjoyed the opportunity to share a large workspace with amazing people. These are people who I’ll always be in contact with, and that means a lot to me. Other than that, the most significant thing for me was the time I spent working with my tutors and art professionals who gave us so much knowledge.

What was your experience as a mature student like at London Met?

Being a mature student isn’t only about being older than 21 years old, it means more responsibilities outside of university. Before I applied to London Met, I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to combine university with life. This fear soon disappeared as at London Met you have never-ending support – from your tutors to administrative professionals – which really makes your life easier.

Do you think your experience differed from other uni students?

Being a mature student at London Met didn’t make me feel like I belonged to a different group of students. Integration is one of the most palpable characteristics of this University. I never felt in any way different being a mature student. Since the very first day I felt welcome at London Met and felt sure that I was going to have the same opportunities as everyone else on my course.

Are you glad you came to London Met?

I’m more than glad! After my three years at university, London Met is part of me. And this is because I’m aware of how lucky I’ve been to be part of an institution that truly cares about people and education.

What advice would you give to mature students thinking of studying at London Met?

Do it! There are many ways to study and it’s never too late. Don’t let anything stop you. And once you’re at London Met, use every facility this University has, learn, meet people, be open to new experiences and be yourself.

Photo of male graduate Miguel Ferrer-Gil