Subeksha Shrestha

Subeksha Shrestha from Nepal discusses her experience of studying the Data Analytics MSc at London Met, made possible by her International Students House and London Met scholarship. Before starting her scholarship, Subeksha worked as a lecturer in application and Java development at Islington College in Nepal.

What made you choose to study at London Met?

I chose London Met because of the opportunity to study the emerging and advanced subject that is data analytics, and to broaden my horizons. I wanted to work inside classrooms where the students were diverse, which is also why I chose this University.

What made you choose to study in London, and the UK in particular?

I have always had a desire to study in London. Since childhood, my family and relatives have told me that London is one of the best places in the world to get an education. From the media in Nepal, it seemed that only children of famous people and from wealthy families were able to study in London, with their parents covering the expenses. Through constant hard work during my undergrad degree, London Met awarded me a scholarship to pursue a postgraduate degree, and my dream came true.

Where are you living in the city, and how has it been?

I am living in the International Students House (ISH), an accommodation in Great Portland Street. The place is very welcoming, as they organise numerous events every month and help us make friends with people from different universities and cultures. It gives a homely feeling, with breakfast provided every morning and a big kitchen. This place is quite close to Regent’s Park and Oxford Street, making it easy to go shopping at any time.

What are the facilities like at London Met?

I have been impressed by the facilities available at London Met since the induction day. We visited all the buildings and labs located in Holloway Campus; it was overwhelming to see so many high-tech labs for the students. I really liked the modern interior design of the Roding building. In addition, the school offices are so helpful, easily dealing with all of my queries. 

What are your plans after you graduate? 

After completing my postgraduate degree, I plan to go back and work in Nepal, hopefully within the government sector. I want to implement all that I have learned during my time at London Met into the real world. It would also be great to continue my work as a lecturer at my college, sharing my experiences of studying in the UK with the young students, motivating them to work hard and achieve their dreams as I did. 

Photo of Subeksha Shrestha