Your UCAS application

What is UCAS?

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is an independent charity that provides information, advice and admissions services for young people wanting to further their educational career.

How do I know if I should apply through UCAS?

If you're a UK student, your application for any full-time foundation-year or undergraduate degree starting in September has to be made through UCAS using its online application system Apply (from 2022 entry, applications will go through the UCAS Hub). UCAS handles the entire application process for full-time UK students.

The application process for some postgraduate courses, including PGCEs, also need to be made through UCAS.

When should I apply?

The deadline for most UCAS applications is in mid-January, but please be sure to check the relevant course page for full details.

What if I’ve missed the UCAS deadline?

You can still apply to us after the deadline by following the same process. Just head to UCAS and get your application started.

What if I haven't received any offers?

If you haven’t received any offers or you've declined the offers you’ve received, you might still be able to find a place on an undergraduate course through UCAS Extra. UCAS Extra runs from the end of February to early July and allows you to add an additional university choice if you’ve used all five of your university choices, received decisions from all five universities but haven’t been given any offers, or declined all of the offers you’ve received. You can do this through UCAS’s online tracking system, Track (from 2022, the UCAS Hub), which you can use to reply to any offers you’ve received.

If you’re applying for a full-time undergraduate course after the end of June, these applications are made through Clearing directly to the University. You'll need a university UCAS code when going through the application process. Our code is L68. UCAS will inform you whether or not you've been offered a place on your chosen course through Track (or the UCAS Hub from 2022 entry).