Our key statistics

Here you'll find important information about our University community.

Our students

We had a total of 12,525 UK-based higher education students in 2020–21, of which:

  • 82% were undergraduate / 18% were postgraduate

  • 87% were studying full-time / 13% were studying part-time

  • 143 distinct nationalities were represented

  • 82% of students were mature

  • 64% of students identified as female

  • 55% of students were from a minoritised background

  • 13% had a known disability

Our staff

This information is sourced from our Human Resources data and is a snapshot of our active staff profile on 1 December 2021.

The data demonstrates that currently we have a total of 885 members of staff. 

  • 52% of our staff identify as women
  • 62% of our staff identify as White, 32% identify as coming from a racially minoritised group, the largest of which includes 12% who identify as Asian and 12% who identify as Black
  • 5% of staff identify as LGBQIA+ – however there is no data for 36% of staff
  • 6% identify as living and working with a disability
  • 33% identify as having a religion – however there is no data for 41% of staff
  • 58% of our staff are over 45 years old
London Met staff and students at a London Met graduation at the Barbican in 2021

More information about our students

Countries represented

Student domicile 2020–2021
A map of the world showing where students come from

Mode of study


 Staff breakdown
A chart showing breakdown of staff by category