Liu Jingyu

Liu Jingyu from China discusses his experience of the MBA programme at London Met.

What was your background and why did you choose London Met's MBA?

I spent 10 years working as a senior operating manager in China National Coal Group Corp before I went to the UK to study my MBA degree. I decided to study abroad in London because I believed that it would enhance my management skills and knowledge because UK education is the best in the world. I also believe that London is the social, cultural and economic centre of the UK. After I discovered London Metropolitan University on the Internet, I went to their Beijing Office and received an offer.

What were the highlights of your time at London Met?

When I talk about my experience of studying abroad in London with other alumni, the first things that we talk about are the amazing views in the city – like Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, the River Thames, Buckingham Palace and the British Museum. There are so many amazing sights and so many great places in London. However, then our conversations quickly move onto the great study experience we had at London Met.

Studying at this university, I had the chance to get the best education and learn from teachers with some of the most advanced knowledge in the world. I met people from all over the world from different races, different religions and different cultures; I got to know how these people think and how they perform. I also had an opportunity to benefit from excellent facilities as well as extensive learning resources.

I’ve learnt how to overcome difficulties and have become strong and confident in dealing with all kinds of pressures in my life. I’ve enhanced my social skills by adopting strengths from different cultures and also trying to introduce the best of Chinese history and culture to my western friends. My eyes have been opened and my mind sharpened from which I have developed a whole different perspective on the world.

I’ve also gained respect from others through my hard work and my successful achievements. But, one of the most useful things I have gained from studying at London Met is how to be a critical thinker, making me more innovative and able to adapt to the constantly changing world.

Lastly, I would like to mention the friendly and amazing help that I received from staff during my time at London Met which I will never forget; without their kind help, I would not have gained skills of critical thinking and teamwork with which to share with others.

What has been your career path since graduating?

On graduation from London Met I returned to China and started to work as an international business manager at the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. I feel what I learnt and experienced at London Met benefited me so much in obtaining and succeeding in my current work.

I still take part in various parties held by the University’s China Office. This is not only a platform for us to socialise and remember our time in London but also an important channel to broaden our community network. Sometimes we even take part in seminars with professors from London and reminisce about our time as students!


image of male student Liu Jingyu