Maryam Saberi

Iranian research student Maryam Saberi's relationship with London Met began quite a number of years ago – she initially enrolled onto the University's Pharmaceutical Science BSc. Having successfully completed her undergraduate course, she then moved onto London Met's Pharmaceutical Science MSc (see Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Delivery Systems MSc) which she completed in 2017. She's now back at the Uni doing a PhD in biochemistry, where she's investigating new drug delivery systems. 

Maryam has also been a committee member of London Met's Persian society and postgraduate research society, as well as working as a student ambassador, a student rep and most recently, International Officer for the Students' Union.

Can you explain what led you to your PhD?

London Met has been my second home for seven years. I started science from scratch at London Met – I had no science background in my educational history. I loved the foundation course and the University so much that I decided to stay on… and now I am doing PhD research into electro spinning with two of my inspiring supervisors.

What things do you love about London Met?

People are so friendly here and you can ask your questions without any problems. I have been part of our women’s football team for six years and had the best time on the pitch with my teammates.

I understand you're involved in the Students' Union – can you talk us through that?

Being part of the Students' Union gave me the chance to get involved with different societies and the schools while meeting new people from all backgrounds and courses. Being part of the management body of the University as well as a student allows me to participate in university on very different levels, which I have enjoyed very much. It has been a privilege to find a way to give back to my University!

What do you love about your course?

I love finding out problems and trying to find solutions to them. At the moment, in my research degree I am trying to find a better system of drug delivery for diabetes. This gives me motivation to know that I can be useful in science. The study of drugs and their effect on the body is simply fascinating. I can’t see myself studying anything else!

What are your career plans?

My dream is to be able to do research in my field and be a useful person in society. I would also like to found my own pharmaceutical company in the future.

Photo of female student Maryam Saberi