Julian Roberts

Julian Roberts graduated from London Met's business school in 2014 with a 2.1 degree in Marketing. He is currently a team executive in the global strategy unit at PHD Worldwide 

What do you spend most of your day working on?

My days are always different; because of the range of projects I am working on, my tasks can vary. One day I could be putting together a presentation, the next I could be researching, the next I will have my head buried in excel sheets; and not forgetting the copious amounts of meetings. 

What do you like most about your current role?

I love learning about the media industry from within. Because of the rapid growth of digital, you can read and learn something new every day.

Why were you attracted to the field of marketing?

My love of advertising. I’ve always been that guy who enjoys watching adverts and analysing them in a ridiculously deep fashion. If you do the same, media is the perfect place to work. 

How do you think your course helped prepare you for the world of work?

There are so many elements that have benefited me from the degree I did at London Met. Working with new people, learning to read and write in a quick, efficient and professional manner, and learning to juggle several tasks at one time.

Did you do any work experience while studying for your degree? If so how did you find the placement and how did this add value to your degree?

I did work experience at the same place I work now, the first time in the Easter holidays during my second year, and the second time in the summer holidays before my final year. The work experience made me understand what I had to achieve in my final year to get a job at the agency. I realised I had to learn how to time manage and work in groups at a high level because this is what agency work is all about. I was lucky in the fact that an old friend worked in the agency and knew that I was studying marketing to get into advertising. Yes, it’s all about networking. 

What’s been your best experience at London Met?

Other than learning about a subject I am passionate for, I met some amazing people that will be friends for life. 

Did you have a good relationship with your course tutors? 

It is very important to befriend with your course tutors; they are the people that help you get through the hard parts with guidance and support.

What advice would you give current students in terms of being successful at finding jobs upon graduation? Maybe a few tips? 

The main tip I can give is to always keep looking and applying. You need to have a clear objective to what kind of place you want to work in after your degree. Make sure you do the research. Once you have selected a handful of places, try and discover people that work in the right departments, ask them for a quick coffee to discuss jobs. However, make sure you ask the right questions and portray yourself in the correct manner! 

Photo of male graduate Julian Roberts