Patricija Barisaitė

A big fan of coaching and development in the workplace, Business Managment and Human Resource Management BA (Hons) student Patricija Barisaitė explains the benefits of the course and how she's hoping it will help her in the business world when she graduates.

What brought you to London Met?  

I'm originally from Lithuania. London Met was the one of a few universities at the time that had a combined business and HR course. I also felt that it would give me the flexibility to complete a couple of things from my bucket list – volunteering and traveling the world while gaining a degree.

The online learning during the first year also provided me with an opportunity to stay in different countries, including Germany and Italy.

What has studying at London Met meant to you? 

It's provided me with a unique experience that's led me to individual learning and a metamorphosis.

Over the last three years, the combination of modules covered over this course has provided me with skills and knowledge that are highly appreciated – and the course has also given me a chance to implement these skills in my business and HR work experience. I highly recommend this course to everyone who's interested in running a business or being a part of people management and development.

How would you describe yourself in HR terms?

I'd describe myself as pragmatic, tenacious and a natural leader who empowers teams to be aspirational in their approach and to exceed expectations – a strong influencer who is comfortable advising across all familiar levels. 

What is your biggest passion in life and where did that passion come from?

I'm really passionate about coaching and development – specifically equipping people with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to enable them to fulfil their potential within organisations to promote succession planning. 

What’s the proudest moment in your life?  

I was very happy and proud to volunteer as an Autism support worker with young adults. I have supported patients with regards to decision making and lifestyle choices, enabling them to take control of their own lives and help them gain increasing independence.

Did you do any work experience as part of the course? 

Yes – on my first year I was working as a People Operations Administrator, and in my second year, I was the People and Culture Coordinator at a health-tech company. 

Tell us a little bit about your interests outside of uni.

I enjoy art and music – so museums, galleries, exhibitions, concerts and musicals is where I spend my free time. I also love to read books on human psychology and watch documentaries. 

What’s next in your career?

Hopefully I'll carry on pursuing my career in coaching, HR, recruitment and management.

What’s your favourite spot in London and why? 

I love Camden Town – it is the area I live in.

How did you find the lecturers at the Uni? 

I would not be where I am today without the skills they have taught me and tips they provided me with. I am very grateful for all their efforts and their patience. I would especially like to mention my course leader Dr Eleni Meletiadou – she was absolutely incredible – going above and beyond by providing me with career tips and communicating training platforms I should join to improve my profile.

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"I'm really passionate about coaching and development – specifically equipping people with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to enable them to fulfil their potential..."