Available scholarships depend on your level of study and where you are from.

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What is a scholarship?

A scholarship can cover or help to cover the cost of course fees. Scholarships are highly sought after and the process of applying for scholarships is often competitive. To be in with a chance of receiving a scholarship you will ordinarily need to submit an application or proposal. This is assessed and evaluated before scholarships are awarded to successful applicants meeting all of the eligibility criteria.

Scholarships available to undergraduate students

Scholarships available to postgraduate students

Stories from our scholarship students

Monil Adhikari

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Cybersecurity)

"The module leaders are very inspiring"

Ahmed Saleck

Master of Public Administration

"My scholarship changed my life and gave me a new start. All the things I dreamed of achieving have now become more reachable and accessible."

Elly Yahui Zhang

MA Conference Interpreting

Receiving my scholarship was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Meckdaly Xayavongsa

MSc in Public Health

Receiving this scholarship meant everything to me that words couldn't express

Moses Matayi

MA Human Resource Management

My scholarship has opened a window of opportunity for me to explore academic life beyond the borders of my country

Sereypagna Pen

Architecture (MA)

"My goal is to be an educator in Cambodia, an advocate for the preservation of Cambodia’s architectural and urban heritage"

Shylea Quinones Echevarria

MA Interpreting

Receiving this scholarship allowed me to hope for a better future.

Udom Vuthy

MA Education

Receiving this scholarship is like becoming a pilot who owns a plane himself