Sereypagna Pen

Cambodian Architecture MA student Sereypagna Pen discusses his course at London Met and how being awarded a scholarship has impacted on his life.

What did receiving this scholarship mean to you?

Receiving the scholarship to pursue my graduate study in Architecture at London Met gives me a unique opportunity to improve my knowledge and increase my effectiveness as I continue to advocate for the protection of Cambodia’s architectural and urban heritage.

What do you like the best about your course?

Postgraduate courses in architecture at London Metropolitan University can be seen as comprising two main categories: design-based and research-orientated programs. They involve plenty of interaction and opportunities to develop my critical thinking skills. The University is fully equipped with excellent facilities (including libraries, laboratories and so on).

Does anything surprise you about your course or London Met?

Yes, the interdisciplinary study in architecture program has surprised me the most.

What do you like about life in London?

London is a diverse community with people from many backgrounds. In addition, this city shows how the history, architecture and urban design relate to each other in highly developed cities.  

What are your career plans once you complete your course?

My goal is to be an educator in Cambodia, an advocate for the preservation of Cambodia’s architectural and urban heritage, and to help create new directions in Phnom Penh’s urban planning. Immediately on returning from my study, I will begin teaching in one of the existing architecture departments at a university in Cambodia. There is a shortage of qualified Cambodians in this field. Longer term, my goal is to lead a transformation in the way my country approaches the design and preservation of its cities.

Shot of male student Sereypagna Pen