Simas Janusas
Recent graduate Simas Janusas discusses why he chose to study Business Management at London Met and what he enjoyed the most. 

What attracted you to the course?

Honestly, when I applied to London Met it was for the Travel and Tourism Management course. Unfortunately I was declined, but I was offered a place on the Business Management, which eventually became of even greater interest to me – with a wider range of subjects and many career opportunities. 

What do you particularly enjoy during your studying at London Met?

The subjects and areas covered, particularly in year three, were of a great interest and relevance to today’s world. For instance, we learnt about corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. On the other side, the way that tutors had of presenting the material and their attempts to engage students and provide as much guidance and support as possible for helped us to gain a greater understanding of the areas being taught.

Tell us a bit about your background:

Straight after graduating from high school, I left my hometown and my country to explore continental Europe. I had been working in the Netherlands for a while, until getting in touch with some friends in London that invited me to come and visit. I decided to come to England, after a not really successful experience in the Netherlands. I worked for a year to settle down and get to know more of this great city. After working for the nine months in a kitchen and delivering catering for companies in the West End, I was inspired to study further and hopefully, after a successful graduation, get a job in one of those companies that I was just delivering food to three years ago. 

Why should you choose London Met for study?

London Met has a great amount of experienced teachers that are experts in their field and know how to deliver the subjects in an interactive and efficient way that keeps students engaged and interested in the subjects.
I believe most importantly taking those skills you have learnt and applying them to real-world scenarios.

How has your study prepared you for the world of work?

I am adamant and strongly believe that London Met covers all the crucial subjects that employers are looking for in the graduates of today and the managers of tomorrow. Also it provides the practical and transferable skills that today’s managers require, such as leadership, decision-making and problem-solving skills, building your analytical and critical evaluation skills that you find in the business environment and yourself within it.
After the first year, and the assessments of the real-life-based ­business simulations, you can then test your acquired academic knowledge and skills, and most importantly learn and develop them further. There's also free access to the professional BLOOMBERG Terminal – globally recognised software that allows you to learn skills required for analyst and even consultant roles. Finally, London Met has a business Accelerator that helps students willing to pursue entrepreneurship and help them to make their ideas become a reality. Such opportunities are definitely not in every university across the UK – you need to take these chances and grab these opportunities.

Top tips for students at university?

Try it and dream BIG! Try everything you can while you can – university has vast amounts of opportunities for everyone. Try something new, think of the bigger picture, what would be beneficial for you and what you want to learn or gain from university. There are so many chances to try, learn, develop, achieve, succeed, meet new people and have fun... and there is just not enough time!
Photo of male student Simas Janusas