Chrispen Edmonds

Education Studies BA graduate Chrispen Edmonds answers a few questions about his time at University.

What spurred you on to look for a degree?

The drive to do something I love came when I stopped enjoying the job I was doing for years. I wanted to become a teacher and the only way was to come to university and start my degree in Education Studies. 

What was it in particular that made you choose London Met?

I got to know about London Met through its social media adverts. However, the decisive factor for me to choose London Met ahead of others was because they showed interest in me through phone calls and text messages. I felt these gestures were too good to ignore, therefore, my decision to join London Met was a no-brainer.

How was your study experience at the University?

My study experience was fun and exciting because I enjoyed the degree programme, I had a fantastic relationship with my lecturers and I commanded the respect of my fellow peers. In short, I felt like part of the furniture and at home.

Did you benefit from any work experience or placements while you were at Uni?

For the past three years, I have served the University as a Success Coach and Student Ambassador. The roles gave me the opportunity to work with students within the University and schools. I did both roles around my studies because of the flexibility to choose when I wanted to work whilst I was getting paid too. I acquired various skills in public speaking, communication and leadership among others.

What was your favourite spot at the University and why?

My favourite spot was the Learning Centre's second floor because it allowed me to get on with studying with no disturbances or being stopped by friends or fellow students for a chat.

Can you tell us what you're doing now you've graduated?

After graduating in 2018, I took a career break and continue to work as a Student Ambassador and mentor in Foundation and Year One classes. I helped with facilitating group discussions in seminar classes and assisting students outside the class among other duties. The experience has reinforced my wish to become an A level history or politics teacher. So, come September 2019, I am moving on to study Politics and Contemporary History MA at a central London university.

Photo of Chrispen Edmonds