Tiziana Pagliara
Tiziana Pagliara studied International Business Management BSc (Hons) at the University's business school. Here she shares her student experience at London Met. 

What attracted you to the course? 

I was originally attracted to International Business Management at London Metropolitan University because of the huge variety within the course. It covers human resource management, economics, business research, international business and world markets. There is also a lot of choice for the optional modules and what you study is very much down to you. This allows you to specialise in whatever subject you like the most. The possibility to study languages as part of the course is also a great opportunity for whoever wants to work in the international business scene. 

Can you tell us a bit about your background? 

During my A-levels in Italy I studied Economics and Tourism, and after graduating with top grades I started working as a cabin crew member. Working in such a multicultural environment opened up my eyes and one year later I realised that I wanted a career in international business. For this reason, I decided to quit my job and continue my studies at London Met.

How have you found the course at London Met? 

The degree itself was enjoyable. Of course, in three years there have been ups and downs, but fortunately tutors are very approachable and always there if you are struggling. Library services and Student Services offer help and advice, and Success Coaches are available for support and guidance throughout the year. The workload given was fair and in the library you can find all the resources you need without having to buy any books.

How has the course prepared you for the work? 

Becoming a Success Coach has significantly improved my interpersonal and communication skills as well as boosting my confidence. This experience has definitely helped me to go through and succeed the various stages of some job interviews. The IT skills gained through this course are immense; I went from being able to barely use Microsoft Office to being a pro in Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Project and SPSS. Thanks to a university programme I was also able to study for my PRINCE 2 certification for free instead of spending hundreds of pounds.  
Picture of graduate Tiziana Pagliara