C├ęcile Tschirhart

Cécile is Head of Learning and Teaching and Student Experience at The Cass. She is the school proctor and manages the personal academic tutors (PATs). Her passion is pedagogy, in particular ludic and multi-disciplinary approaches to learning. Her academic career has progressed across a wide range of disciplines: languages, education, technology, humanities and currently the arts, architecture and design.

Cécile Tschirhart

Cécile Tschirhart

A linguist by training, she has published a number of books for learners of French and English language from KS2 to Higher Education, in the UK and abroad. The third edition of her co-authored book Foundations French will be published in April 2016.

For the past 15 years, she designed, co-developed, managed, published and commercialised game-based language learning materials.

Cécile recently edited a Toolkit for Participatory Practices in Art, a project funded by the European Commission.