Dr Jane Clossick

Dr Jane Clossick.

Dr Jane Clossick is a Lecturer in Urban Design at London Met.

Previously trained as an architect at The University of Sheffield and the University of East London, she worked at practices in London and Manchester before studying for her doctoral studies in 2010 at London Met.

Jane Clossick  

Dr Jane Clossick is a lecturer in Urban Design and course leader of London Met's Spatial Planning and Urban Design MA.

PhD Research

Clossick previously completed her PhD at London Met:

The Depth Structure of a London High Street: A Study in Urban Order

High streets have many distinctive qualities that are not well reflected in existing research or in planning policy, and are missing from many architectural and planning projects. They are a British urban institution with coherence, richness and the capacity to absorb bad architecture, which structure whole towns - or in the case of the A10 - sections of cities.

Sociological and urban theories have a tendency to try to achieve social justice in cities through the application of planning ideals, but it is argued here that they lack a deeper understanding of the phenomena that comprise civic life. Rather than trying to engineer social justice, this study asks about ethics at a fundamental level and brings together the practical and philosophical sides of the research in a way that includes topography within the ethical argument, as a hermeneutics of praxis.


Tottenham High Road

Windsor Parade

Shops and businesses

The Victorian terrace

Morrisson Yard