Simon Kay-Jones

Simon Kay-Jones is an award-winning architect and educator. He is the Professional Studies Coordinator for Architecture RIBA 3 and Degree Apprenticeships at our School of Art, Architecture and Design.

Simon Kay-Jones

Simon Kay-Jones is an award-winning architect and award winning lecturer. He specialises in architectural education and has over 25 years of experience within the arts, design, and education sectors across multidisciplinary teams, in workshops, co-creative practices and research projects.

Simon is an international educational consultant providing leadership for architecture and pedagogical design, responsible for leading the push for collaborative and positive learning environments (digital and physical), both internally and with partners. He has over a decade of experience in working across two continents with a focus on developing best practice in studio teaching pedagogy.

Moreover, he has a practical understanding of the interplay between curriculum design and delivery, with the need for more innovative learning environments. Simon brings his European and Asian experience upon the changing needs and pressures on students in Higher Education. Simon has extensive experience in the leading of external professional body validations, and curriculum development across multiple subject streams.

Simon is a Research Manager where he leads the Build4Climate initiative Facilitating the industry transition to a zero embodied carbon construction in Europe. He also was research manager for the EU funded ECACEE transnational education Ecopreneurship Approach in the Context of European Environment and EU-funded project Professional development of pedagogical practices in the modern networked environment.

He's a practicing architect in the UK and Finland. Simon's research spans across architectural education, drawing & pedagogy, and material and spatial assemblage in design, and how the material world energises spatial experiences through framing matter.

Simon Kay-Jones
Professional Studies Coordinator for Part 3 and Degree Apprenticeships
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