Joseph Kohlmaier

Joseph Kohlmaier is an artist, curator, performer and Senior Lecturer the History and Theory of Art, Architecture and Design. He is the convenor of the School of Art, Architecture and Design’s interdisciplinary Dissertation Studio Module, and the co-ordinator of the Critical and Contextual Studies module in undergraduate Art, Photography and Fashion Photography. 

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Joseph Kohlmaier

Joseph Kohlmaier has taught on various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at London Met since 2007. He acted as the School of Art, Architecture and Design’s Head of Critical and Contextual Studies from 2016–21. He is currently the convenor of the School’s interdisciplinary Dissertation Studios module, and acting co-ordinator for Critical and Contextual Studies in Art, Photography and Fashion Photography. 

Joseph’s research and practice spans a broad range of disciplines, from art and design to music, performance, curatorial work, writing and publishing. He is the founder of Musarc, one of the UK’s most progressive choral ensembles, which he has been leading as creative director since 2009; and one of the founding directors of graphic design practice Polimekanos. In 2014, Joseph founded publishing imprint Cours de Poétique.

Joseph conceived, designed and edits Liveness – the School of Art, Architecture and Design's exhibition, events and publishing platform. He is an active member and editor of the Workhome Project, a research and knowledge sharing initiative founded by Prof Frances Holliss.

Areas of expertise

  • Architecture and art as society
  • Architectural history and theory
  • The creative process
  • Aural cultures and sound art
  • Musicology and composition
  • Concepts of space
  • Performance and time-based art

Research portfolio

Musarc is a research programme organised around a choir, lead by Joseph Kohlmaier.

A research programme organised around a choir 

 BANG! Being the building
Joseph Kohlmaier Bang being the building

Salon hosted by Musarc 

 Musarc: Field Studies
Joseph Kohlmaier Musarc Field Studies

Field studies summer school programme 

 Course in Poetics/Unwelten
Joseph Kohlmaier Course in Poetics Umwelten

OPAK funded research project