James Hunting

James Hunting is the course leader for Fashion Textiles BA (Hons).

James Hunting leans against a table and looks to the camera.


James is a practising artist and educator who believes that creative identities are formed by understanding, investigating and owning techniques and processes. His work explores personal identities, recognition, the 'other' and desire.


  • 1986: Textile Design BA, Goldsmith College
  • 2004: Postgraduate Certificate in Education, University of Greenwich
  • 2007: MA Contemporary Applied Arts (Distinction), University of Cumbria

James's teaching is all about the individual, their aspirations, their voice and their identities, I use my knowledge to support and develop reflective practitioners, ready to apply their design personas in a range of professional direction.

  • The impact of the act of making on the maker - well-being, self knowledge and understanding through act and gesture - 'Does the outcome really matter?'
  • Discourse identities and sexuality; how we present ourselves