James Hunting

James is the course leader for Textile Design BA (Hons).

James Hunting


James is a practising artist and educator who believes that creative identities are formed by understanding, investigating  and then taking ownership of techniques and processes. HIs own work explores ideas of personal identity, inclusion, the 'other' and desire, using textile processes such as print and hand stitch. Drawing underpins his practice, and the act of making is integral to the outcome.


  • Graduated 1986 Goldsmith College in Textile Design
  • PGCE 2004 University of Greenwich
  • University of Cumbria - MA contemporary Applied Arts (distinction) 2007
  • The impact of the act of making on the maker - well-being, self knowledge and understanding through act and gesture - 'Does the outcome really matter?'
  • Discourse identities and sexuality in textiles
Office: Room CM2-40, Calcutta House