Matilda Moors

She's a practicing artist and associate lecturer on our Fine Art, Photography and Fashion Photography BA degrees.

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Matilda Moors

Matilda Moors is a practicing artist who has exhibited throughout the UK and internationally at galleries including The Horse Hospital, Five Years Gallery, The Royal Standard, Supercollider and Strange Cargo, Scai the Bathhouse and Geidai, Tokyo.

She works with sculpture, writing, and installation. As an artist and educator her research interests include consumption, the cute, horror, the cartoon, conformity, bodies, girlish-ness and anxiety. Her work examines how fictional bodies, particularly those of monsters and cartoons, act as metaphors for the stresses of late-capitalism, mining the pop culture related to teen-experience to find cyphers that speak about the complex positions we occupy in contemporary society.

She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art from the Royal Academy Schools, and BA (Hons) Sculpture from Camberwell College of Art (UAL) as well as a PGCERT from London Met. She was a founding member of The School of the Damned, a self-directed MA course run by its students intended to provide artists who cannot afford to study a critical discourse and space for reassessment of their practice and co-ran SAUNA, a project space for emerging practitioners to stage exhibitions which tended towards the experimental, energetic and anarchic.

General research interests are: Contemporary Art, Post-modernism, Feminism, Queer Theory, Horror, Consumer Culture, Psychoanalysis, Post-structuralist Philosophy, Fashion Theory, Semiotics, Marxism

Specific research interests: Desire, Theories of Emotion, The Abject, Cartoons/The Cartoon, Monsters, Youth/Youth Culture & Adolescence, Shopping, Girlishness, The Cute, Flatness, The (Grotesque) Body, Clothing

Matilda Moors
Associate Lecturer