Dr Adeyemi Akande

Dr Adeyemi Akande is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Art, Architecture and Design

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Dr Adeyemi Akande is an art and architectural historian with interests in the art and material cultures of Africa. 

Adeyemi holds a doctorate in Cultural Art History. His research is focused on the history, spirituality, materiality and meaning in the art, architecture, and urban settlements of pre-20th century West Africa. He is also involved with studies about the creation and destruction of identity through expressions in art and architecture. 

He was a Frances Yates fellow at Warburg Institute, University of London in 2020, H. Allen Brooks fellow with the Society for Architectural Historian, and 2023 Leonard Lauder Senior research fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts (CASVA), National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. 

He is currently a Senior Lecturer with the School of Art, Architecture & Design at London Met and he is open to work with anyone interested in the core areas mentioned above.

Dr Akande teaches art and architectural history courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in addition to critical and contextual studies, theory and criticism.

  • History
  • Spirituality
  • Materiality
  • Iconography
  • Meaning in the Art and Architecture of pre-20th century West Africa and the Global South
  • Akande, A. O. (2022). Alien Admittance and the Construction of Identity in Lagos; A historical Perspective. Academia Letters, Article 4687. https://doi.org/10.20935/AL4687
  • Akande A. O. (2021). Saint Denis Basilica and the Symbolism of Triumph over Death in Early French Gothic Art and Architecture. Journal of Art and Architectural Studies, 11(1), 01-07
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  • 2023: Leonard A. Lauder Visiting Senior Fellow. National Gallery of Arts, Washington DC.
  • 2021: Visiting Researcher, Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. UK
  • 2020: Frances A. Yates Fellow. Warburg Institute, University of London
  • 2016: H. Allen Brooks Fellow - Society of Architectural Historians. USA

Dr Adeyemi Akande
Senior Lecturer - Critical and Contextual Studies - Architecture.